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Whatever it takes, we’ll take care of getting you home safely. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there in no time!


Our towing and roadside assistance business is dependable because we are committed to giving our clients outstanding service whenever they require it. Any towing or roadside assistance requirements can be handled by our professionals! You can get in touch with us day or night, and we’ll be there in within 30 minutes.


If you're concerned that we won't be able to tow your particular vehicle, be assured that Fast Track Rescue Towing can tow almost any kind of vehicle. We offer towing services for motorcycles, tractors, box trucks, SUVs, trucks, and RVs.


The knowledge of our staff is what makes us stand out from the competitors. When we show up, we'll be able to handle your problem fast and effectively.


Fast Track Rescue Towing offers prompt, effective, and reasonably priced towing services because we recognize that becoming stuck on the side of the road may be a stressful and difficult situation.

Our Services

Fast Track Rescue Towing provides specialized light to heavy-duty towing services. Thanks to our specialized equipment and techniques, your car or vehicle will be transported over any distance safely and without damage.

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Car Towing

You can rely on Fast Track Rescue Towing to act and to dispatch a truck quickly when you need light-duty towing help. We service all of your towing needs since our drivers are seasoned experts who always follow through on their commitments.

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RV Towing

We know that finding the perfect towing service for your recreational vehicle can be a daunting task. Thankfully, our highly trained staff is here 24 hours per day and will take care of all aspects from start-to finish!

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Bus Towing

Any size bus may be accommodated by our vast selection of bus trucks, and our staff of bus towing professionals is on call around-the-clock to assist you with your bus towing needs. Get a free estimate from us right away!

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Truck Towing

Heavy-duty towing services are necessary for everyone who owns or makes use of huge cars or equipment. When a huge car breaks down or needs to be moved, call Fast Track Rescue Towing for the most trusted and knowledgeable towing service that can complete the task safely and effectively.

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Motorcycle Towing

We can tow anything from small, fast motorcycles to heavy thundering choppers and even full dressers. We have the experience you need!

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Boat Towing

Fast Track Rescue Towing is the best boat trailer towing company. Our expert team can transport your boat in a safe and efficient manner.

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Wheel Lift Towing

Please call Fast Track Rescue Towing immediately if your car needs to be towed with the aid of our wheel lift towing service. Your car will be well-cared for by us! 

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Roadside Assistance

If you ever get up stuck on the side of the road, don't worry; Fast Track Rescue Towing is here to help. To get you back on the road, call us at (310) 331-8415, and we'll send one of our trucks out straight away.


Our towing services are consistently trustworthy.

We have a competitive edge over competing businesses since we are the only company offering consumers new trucks equipped with cutting-edge technology. Fast Track Rescue Towing is your best choice if you want top quality without breaking what it costs.

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Fast Track Rescue Towing provides the town’s quickest and most reasonably priced towing service! For the past 7 years, we have offered the highest caliber of workmanship for either light-duty or heavy-duty towing. You can depend on our towing services no matter where you are because we are available around-the-clock!